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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Investing

The application of AI technology and specifically machine learning for the purpose of beating the market with specific trading instruments.  This technology is being applied to capital markets, fixed income and commodities related trading.  Artificial Intelligence can truly be the edge consumers and institutions both are looking for in the investment space.  Prometheus is at the forefront of this with respect to Research & Development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision

The ability to reason about what our eyes are seeing and to be able to act quickly and decisively based on that input are a large part of why human beings are so successful on this planet. We identify threats, recognize friends, and even anticipate future events in our day-to-day lives. But the human brain can only handle so much information at a given moment and can only react so fast.

Computer Vision enables solutions that can process far more than the human eye can in terms of volume, complexity and speed. Now pair that with Artificial Intelligence to supercharge these solutions and 

you have technology that is smart, fast, and accurate, far outperforming any amount of manual effort. Not only are reaction times greatly improved, but solutions can be made predictive, tailored to any desired domain.

Such solutions require both ingenuity and the ability to integrate them with both legacy and modern systems. After all, technology should fit the business–not the other way around. 

Prometheus Software brings to the table a wealth of experience in systems integration as well as Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence development. Leveraging the latest Computer Vision and AI technology 

from industry leaders such as NVIDIA, Prometheus Software provides bespoke, scalable solutions built to address unique business problems across myriad verticals.

Whether you’re looking to track people in a crowd, identify vehicles in traffic, or just find out how to get the most from your visual data, Prometheus Software can help.